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Double Scroll Wedding Invitations

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Double scroll wedding invitation Making your own wedding invitations can be a lot of fun, and it usually saves a lot of money. The following project shows how to make your own scroll invitations with wax seals (great for weddings with a Medieval or Renaissance theme). With your own ideas and embellishments your scrolls can be as simple or as elegant as you wish. These designs can also be used to make scroll wedding programs, quinceaƱera invitations, treasure maps for birthday parties, or props in a play.

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Final Product

Completed DIY double scroll wedding invitation This is the final version of the scroll invitation that we mailed to our guests. These mailed fine without any special packaging (decorative mailing tubes or fancy boxes are available from some vendors). We simply enclosed each scroll in an envelope and paid a slightly higher postage rate (it was actually the same rate used for two ounce first class letters -- make sure to check with the U.S. Postal Office for current rates). The sealing wax held firm during shipping. The biggest problem faced was that some guests were unsure of how to open the scroll (see note above).

Simple Scroll Invitation This is the simpler version of the scroll invitation that we handed out at church and to several other people in person. Since there are no dowels to provide support, these do not mail easily in an envelope. However, they are much quicker to make than the double scroll version, and this style can also be used for a themed wedding program to hand to guests. Learn how to make wedding scroll programs.

For more DIY wedding ideas, check out our tips and tools collection.