When is the Wedding?

Make Save the Date Magnets

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Save the date announcements help reduce scheduling conflicts and remind guests of the upcoming wedding date. Magnets work well since they are often placed on a refrigerator at eye level instead of in stacks with other papers and announcements.

Save the date magnet Save the date magnets can be purchased through a vendor, or they can be fully customized by making them yourself. This page provides instructions on how to make your own save the date magnets.

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  1. Decide what type of magnet sheet you wish to use. This will determine the dimensions your design should fit within.

  2. Using the software of your choice, design your save the date magnet. Ensure your design fits your desired dimensions. Include the following information:
    • Purpose of reminder (wedding)
    • Current first and last names of the bride and groom
    • Date of the wedding
    • Statement that formal invitation will come later (optional)
    • Where to get more information (optional)
    • Eye catching graphic, picture, or photograph

  3. Print your design. For the most professional look, print at photo quality on photographic paper. Some software will allow you to easily print the same image multiple times on the same sheet with a specified height and width. You can print these at home, at a photo center, or you can see if your photographer would be willing to have these printed for you.

  4. Attach your prints to the magnets. If your magnets are precut to the size you need, then you will need to cut your prints to the correct size and carefully align and attach. If you are working with magnet rolls or sheets, then you should attach the prints before cutting them apart. The way you attach the prints will also depend upon your magnets. If they have adhesive backing, then simply remove the backing and attach. Otherwise, you will need to use your own adhesive.

  5. Let your magnets dry. If you are working with precut magnets, you are done.

  6. If you are working with magnet rolls or sheets, use your paper cutter to separate the finalized magnets. Since the magnet and the prints are being cut together, you should have very clean edges.

Final Product

Save the date magnets With care and attention to detail, you can create your own professional looking save the date magnets at a fraction of the cost that you would pay by ordering them. By making them yourself, they will be much more personalized and can include details not available in the basic templates. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the process.

For more DIY wedding ideas, check out our tips and tools collection.