When is the Wedding?

Easy Scroll Wedding Programs

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Simple wedding scroll programs Wedding programs provide an overview of the order of service and can be used as way of sharing tidbits of information about the couple while guests await the start of the wedding. Programs are optional, and can be as simple or as elaborate as the couple wishes. Often, couples choose to provide creative programs that fit with the style and theme of the wedding.

This page describes how to make simple scroll programs with an adhesive seal and tied with ribbon. Add personal touches with your own ideas. These designs can also be used to make simple scroll wedding invitations.

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Final Product

Completed scroll wedding program This is an example of a finalized wedding scroll program. These are relatively quick to make, but they can add an additional touch of elegance to your wedding day. This style can also be used for wedding invitations, but protective packaging would be needed if these were to be mailed.

Completed DIY double scroll wedding invitation Pictured to the right is a more complex scroll that can be used either as an elaborate program or as a wedding invitation that ships better than the simple version. Learn how to make a double scroll invitation.

For more DIY wedding ideas, check out our tips and tools collection.