When is the Wedding?

Rejected Wedding Ideas

As you plan your wedding, you will come across many ideas. Some are better than others. The following are ideas that grooms have come up with that have, to the world's great loss, been rejected by their brides.

Idea: Construction themed wedding

The groom who brought us this idea said he thought of it because the church his wedding was scheduled for was under renovation. He thought this would help make everything feel connected and planned.

The Construction Theme entails:

Idea: Smoke and lights full production

The full production entails:

Idea: Wedding: The Musical

This theme entails:

Idea: Betazoid wedding

All the Star Trek fans out there should know what a Betazoid wedding is like. Needless to say, this idea was very short lived, and really not that practical nor really that good of an idea. In fact, this was just a bad idea for countless reasons besides the fact that everyone would be uncomfortable, and not to mention that the wedding was to be at a Baptist church. Enough said.

Idea: Digital wedding

This one has a lot of practicality, but alas is not very romantic, nor traditional. However, if both the bride and groom are very skilled in technology, it could work.

This theme entails:

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